Backed by a century of experience and the knowledge of our industry experts, we deliver more than just products to customers in the energy, gas utilities and industrial end-markets. We provide essential services and technical product expertise that reinforce our long-standing and deeply integrated customer relationships.


Center of Excellence

Our Valve Center of Excellence team is a dedicated group of experienced industry veterans who will guide you through the critical early stages of major turnaround and project planning. Our team performs product research, facilitates manufacturer engagement, and identifies costly pitfalls and pain points. Engage them early to optimize your project life cycle, from forecasting to scheduling through execution.

Integrated Supply

For more than a century, customers all over the world have trusted us to deliver safe and reliable products and critical services to keep their operations running. Building on this experience and our industry-leading integration capabilities, our dedicated integrations team will work with you to develop a flexible MRO solution designed to optimize your entire supply chain, including storeroom management, purchasing services, inventory management, logistics, and more.


Safety and accuracy are critical when it comes to valve operation. Our ISO-certified valve and engineering centers are staffed with highly skilled engineers and factory-trained field service technicians who put safety first when designing and engineering actuation and control packages. We also provide valuable traceability through our unique serialization process and supply chain savings through valve automation product standardization.


Critical or safety-related service applications demand reliability. Our customized ValidTorque testing and certification process provides a precise baseline of performance for each unique valve and actuation package. This process verifies that your valve assembly was performed correctly before it ever leaves our Houston Valve & Engineering Center. ValidTorque reduces unnecessary maintenance, improves efficiency, and – most importantly – enhances the safety of your operations.

Field Services

Need valve automation help in the field? MRC Global can handle it. Our qualified service technicians safely operate powerful service vehicles to automate ball valves up to 42” and expanded gate valves up to 30”. Our trucks have a lifting capacity of 7,500 pounds with a 3-foot extension and are equipped with safety features such as wireless crane controllers, work/strobe lights, and leveling feet.

FastTrack SM

No time to wait for long lead time valves or actuators? MRC Global’s FastTrack valve automation program will have you up and running in less than 36 hours. By standardizing a range of high-quality valves, actuators and accessories, we carry the products you need in stock for fast delivery. We offer four different control schematics, in-stock mounting hardware and a dedicated technical sales and automation team for a 24 to 36-hour turnaround.


A leaking valve can compromise production, the environment, or, even worse, the safety of your team members. With MRC Global’s exclusive online valve monitoring system, users can remotely monitor a critical valve or actuator while valves are open, and production is flowing. This innovative technology uses sensors and a simple web interface to identify leaks, and correct the issue, before serious damage can occur.

Project and Turnaround Services

Detailed planning is one of the most important steps in preparing for a major project or turnaround. Engage our project teams early. We’ll leverage our manufacturer relationships and procurement expertise to develop an execution strategy that aligns with your project goals. We also provide technical product expertise, product cost estimates and lead time guidance to keep your project on time and on budget.

Quality Program

Nothing is more important than maintaining the safety of your people and your operations, and that starts with reliable products. Our industry-leading ISO-certified quality process begins at the source with extensive manufacturer audits and assessments, followed by an inbound inspection and testing process that is unmatched in our industry. We pull more samples and perform more destructive and nondestructive testing than anyone in our space. With powerful software to help us track and identify global trends, we stay ahead of the game to bring you products from approved manufacturers that deliver reliability and protect your most significant assets.

Material Management

As the leading global distributor of PVF products to energy and industrial customers, managing inventory is our job. We engage experienced procurement specialists to maintain the right amount of inventory on our shelves to keep your operations running smoothly. Our teams also deliver a range of inventory management tools to assist you in eliminating excess inventory and carrying costs.


When an on-the-shelf valve won’t satisfy application conditions, our in-house valve modification center can modify any new valve to suit your unique requirements. Our ISO-certified processes are approved by most major valve manufacturers and trusted by the industry’s leading midstream customers. In addition to modifications, our experienced engineers perform design, welding, machining, and testing, all within MRC Global’s largest engineering valve facility located near Houston, TX.