At MRC Global, you can build a satisfying career, while making a difference. You’ll be rewarded for your contributions and encouraged to learn and grow. Most importantly, you’ll be joining a team of people who care about each other sincerely, and who care about the communities where they live and work.

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Four Core Pillars

We Invest in You

We invest in the growth and professional training of our team members creating more opportunities in your career. MRC Global offers tuition assistance and career development to support your professional growth.

Comprehensive Benefits

MRC Global offers comprehensive benefits and incentives. We value your time and talent and know how to show our appreciation for having you as a part of our expanding global team.

Team Member Assistance

At MRC Global, we care about and value all team members. During life changes and challenges, our Team Member Assistance Program is available to all team members and household family members to help resolve issues, connect with the right mental health professional or community resource, and to identify other support tools designed to help our team members.

Community and Culture

We care about our community and place a major focus on environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to our people, our communities, and preserving our planet. As a part of our company’s culture and efforts in preserving our environment, MRC Global is supporting our customers in the transition to green energy and decarbonization.

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