Upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity

We believe that good governance is the foundation for good business and is critical to providing shared value to all stakeholders. Maintaining the trust and confidence of customers, investors, team members, and our communities begins with our Board of Directors and extends to all levels of our organization. All team members are trained on and must follow our Code of Ethics, compliance policies, and applicable laws in all of our activities and operations. We require every supplier, contractor, and third party with whom we do business to adhere to the same high standards.

Our Values

Our Core Values underpin everything we do at MRC Global. They drive efficient, responsible and sustainable business practices and guide us on how we treat our customers, suppliers, communities, shareholders, and each other. When we put these values into action, we create a positive, safe and supportive work environment, promote a culture of respect for all, and build strong communities.


Effective management of our ESG initiatives drives value for our stakeholders and is critical to our company’s success. Our focused ESG Committee brings together leaders from all departments to drive our ESG program and to measure our effectiveness. Our SVP - Sustainability reports quarterly to the Board of Directors’ ESG & Enterprise Risk Committee on key ESG issues.

ESG Governance Structure

ESG Report

We understand the vital role we play in leading and setting an example regarding ESG factors in our industry.

We are proud of our progress so far and remain excited about the opportunities ahead of us.