MRC Global InSight

General Products

Demand for high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) continues to rise throughout the United States, and supply constraints resulting from early 2021 weather issues have subsided.

Following an increase earlier this year, fiberglass pricing remains stable. Demand for fiberglass remains high and lead times are extending. This trend is expected to remain through the end of 2021.

Current lead times for HDPE small diameter pipe (6” and below) are 3 to 5 weeks. Lead times for HDPE 8" and larger are running 6 to 8 weeks. Fiberglass lead times are running from 10 to 25 weeks, depending on location.

We anticipate pricing and lead times for both HDPE and fiberglass will remain stable through 2021. Project activity is expected remain strong throughout the balance of 2021 with many projects scheduled to complete before year end.