MRC Global InSight

MRC Global's Centers of Excellence (COE)

MRC Global’s mission is to deliver superior service to our customers around the world and provide innovative supply solutions to enhance our customers’ operations. One of the ways that we are fulfilling this mission is through our Centers of Excellence (COE). Our COE groups are dedicated and experienced industry veterans who possess the unique skillsets required to successfully execute on project and turnaround orders. By working with our COE teams, customers can get the exceptional service and value they expect from the leader in PVF distribution.

Our Valve COE team is focused on servicing complex valve and valve automation needs. Our new project-focused COE takes project execution to the next level by supporting our customers’ PVF needs for projects and turnarounds from cradle-to-grave. These teams work closely together, and, through early engagement, can add substantial value to the life cycle of our customers' projects and turnarounds.

“It’s our goal to continually create value for our customers,” said Rance Long, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “One way we do that is to offer best-in-class technical expertise. With the development of our Center of Excellence teams, we are enhancing our ability to support our customers’ complex capital projects and turnarounds, including those in the energy transition space.”

“As the largest global distributor of PVF to energy and industrial applications, MRC Global has the unique ability to provide our customers with the purchasing leverage they need on large and complex capital projects and turnarounds,” said Matt Hartfiel, Vice President, Downstream, Industrial and Energy Transition - Valves, Automation, Measurement and Instrumentation. “Coupled with our unmatched buying power and scale, MRC Global’s rigorous Supplier Qualification Process provides our customers with the peace of mind that they are maximizing value while minimizing risk.”

Jamie Burgess, Vice President, Downstream, Industrial and Energy Transition, added, “We have supported major customer project needs for years, and we are thrilled to be in position to expand that support by enhancing our already strong technical expertise. As our customers navigate major projects, our COE teams will be there to streamline complexities into solutions, providing not only a single point of contact but also a synergy that delivers strong results.”

Our Projects COE provides solutions to some of our customers’ biggest challenges:

  • Assistance with commercially and technically complex capital projects
  • Project and product subject matter expertise
  • Guidance through supply chain and logistics uncertainties
  • Consolidated vendor base
  • Single-source solution
  • Maintaining proper and timely documentation
  • Assistance with staging, storage and warehousing
  • Inventory availability and on-time delivery
  • Reduction of costly overhead expenses (warehouse, procurement, transportation)
  • Material surplus resolutions

For more information on how our teams can support your project and turnaround needs, reach out to your MRC Global representative.