MRC Global InSight


General market conditions across all segments in Canada have begun to improve from their lows of 2020. Merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions within the Canadian oil and natural gas industry saw a strong finish in 2020 with an approximate enterprise value of $20 billion. This rise is an incredible increase of 149% from 2019’s $8 billion. The M&A market continues to remain active into 2021 with approximately $4.9 billion already being announced.5

With commodity pricing remaining above break-even levels, corresponding CAPEX budgets for Canadian producers are increasing an average of 18% from their 2020 guidance. The Canadian active rig rate, as a percentage, has also seen an overall increase, averaging 18% through March 2021, which is an improvement from the 2020 closing average of 12%. In general, Canadian production levels have recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels aided by the expiration of Alberta government curtailments.

Deferred projects, both greenfield and brownfield, along with maintenance programs from 2020, are being brought back online. However, cost and schedule impacts are being experienced as a result of raw material price increases and supply chain impacts still lagging from COVID-19 and global shipping. Natural gas drilling, production and transportation are strong performers in the upstream and midstream industries. Producers and operators continue to prepare to meet the increased demand that will be driven by the liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities under construction or receiving positive investment decisions to proceed.

Alternative and green energy sources continue to increase in scope as biofuel facilities, geothermal energy and Small Modular Reactors (SMR) have begun to attract increased investment from the private and government sectors, leading several projects to secure funding.

MRC Global continues to support our customer base and growth initiatives through a strong inventory profile, investment in digital tools, and continued cost controls through our optimized supply chain delivered through our leading hub and spoke distribution model.

5. "M&A Value Increases To Highest Level Since 2017," Daily Oil Bulletin. Accessed April 15, 2021.