MRC Global Volume 9 Issue 1 May 2018 InSight
MRC Global InSight

Safety Focus: Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, 2018. The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before it happens.

MRC Global InSight Evacuation Zone: Contact local government/emergency management to find out if you are in an evacuation area.
MRC Global InSight Emergency Kit: Put together a basic emergency kit & check emergency equipment.
MRC Global InSight Emergency Plan: Decide communication methods, evacuation locations & actions to take during an emergency.
MRC Global InSight Insurance Policies: Review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage.
MRC Global InSight National Weather Service Forecast: Understand terminology, including the meaning of watches & warnings.


Visit the National Weather Service website to obtain additional hurricane information and to download helpful checklists.