MRC Global ValveWatch

Remote Performance Monitoring 24/7

The ValveWatch® monitoring system reduces risk by performing a continuous quantitative assessment of valve capability, a qualitative analysis of seat leakage potential when the valve is in the open, full flow position and a categorization of through valve leakage (PASSING) when the valve is fully closed. All of these tests and evaluations are performed automatically during plant operation.

ValveWatch® employs sensors and small, yet powerful computer devices installed on or near each valve that log precision measurements at high data sample rates in order to capture the information needed to properly assess valve and actuator condition during every operation. ValveWatch® data, alerts and other notifications can be routed to a specific individual or group of desktop computers as icons, text messages or emails in order to communicate monitoring and automated analysis results.

The ValveWatch® system can seamlessly integrate into an end-user’s real time operations center. The system can also be monitored from our world-class monitoring center in Bergen, Norway by our trained engineers and technicians. In either application, the result is a calculable, high level of safety that cannot be achieved with any other test or analysis approach.

Product, suppliers, manufacturers and services vary by region. For more information, contact an MRC Global location in your region.