MRC Global ValveWatch

Proven Degradation Detection

ValveWatch® makes the most damaging valve and actuator problems easy to detect and simple to diagnose.

Valve Problems Detected

Actuator Problems Detected

  • Leaking Valve Seats
  • Bent Stem
  • Debris or Damage After Pigging
  • Loose or Over-Tightened Packing
  • Excessive Breakout Torque
  • Valve Galling
  • Ejected Cavity Sealant
  • Solenoid Valve Degradation
  • Internal Corrosion
  • Broken Return Spring
  • Cylinder Damage
  • Undersized Actuator
  • Restricted Solenoid Exhaust
  • Actuator Pressure Leak
  • Insufficient Air Supply
  • Limit Switch Deviation

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