MRC Global ValveWatch

Levels of Monitoring

Each end-user valve monitoring solution is unique. Highly critical valves, such as ESD or BSDVs, should utilize the full monitoring capabilities of ValveWatch. Less critical valves can utilize a more moderate level of monitoring to assist with cost-effective maintenance planning.

ValveWatch® Equipment Installation

The level of valve monitoring can be selected based on the criticality of the valve. Highly critical valves should be installed with the full monitoring capability of ValveWatch®, as it is a mitigating factor for reaching both increased operational safety and reduced downtime.


The basic installation of ValveWatch® incorporates only the mounting of a static pressure sensor on the actuator. Ideally the sensor would be mounted on a dedicated port for mounting the static pressure. The port is an option that can be requested if the actuator is new. The sensor can also be mounted on the tee section of the actuator. If the actuator is double-acting, two sensors will be needed. This level of monitoring is typically used on maintenance critical valves.

MRC Global ValveWatch


This level includes monitoring both the actuator, as is included in the basic level, and the valve itself. A strain gauge is added to monitor the force being delivered by the actuator and how much is being lost due to friction in the valve. The strain gauge is mounted on the section piece between the actuator and the valve. This level of monitoring is ideal for production critical valves.

MRC Global ValveWatch


This solution incorporates the previously mentioned strain gauge and static pressure sensors but adds leak detection monitoring. Two equal dynamics sensors are installed on the valve to compare the pressure of the flow in the pipe with the sealed cavity compartment of the valve. A second option is to mount an acoustic sensor on the valve itself or on the pipe. Advanced-level valve monitoring is vital for safety critical valves. No valve should ever fail to operate on demand, especially those that are relied on to perform critical safety-related functions. ValveWatch® is a powerful tool that provides calculable, high level of safety that cannot be achieved with any other test or analysis approach.

MRC Global ValveWatch

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