Global Valve Solutions

MRC Global Valve Solutions MRC Global’s technical experts and extensive global valve automation network can offer total valve management solutions.

Company Overview

MRC Global Company Overview eBrochure MRC Global is the largest, global distributor of pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) products and services to the energy and industrial markets.

MRC Global provides a broad range of valves that are available in a wide variety of materials from today’s leading valve manufacturers to fully meet even the most complex and unique requirements.

Ball Valves:
  • Cryogenic
    Ball valves open and close with a quarter-turn function, using a handle or gearbox and are commonly used in the exploration, production, gas utility, chemical and industrial sectors. MRC Global is one of the largest suppliers of API 6D ball valves to the transmission, pipeline gas gathering, tank farm storage, and utility sectors. MRC Global also stocks extensive size ranges, multiple configurations and most body and trim types of floating and trunnion ball valves. Both Floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves are offered in full and reduced bore sizes.
  • Flanged
  • Threaded & SW
  • Floating
  • Metal Seated
  • Plastic Lined
  • Resilient Seated
  • Trunnion
  • Top Entry
  • “V” Port
Butterfly Valves:
  • High Performance
    Butterfly valves typically have a circular shaped disc that rotates to open or close the valve, thus controlling the flow of material through the valve, with a quarter-turn function, using a handle or gearbox. MRC Global maintains an extensive inventory of resilient seated butterfly valves, high performance butterfly valves, and triple offset butterfly valves to service all major industrial sectors. Our inventory includes butterfly valves in carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy materials.
  • Plastic Lined
  • Resilient Seated
  • Triple Offset
Plug Valves:
  • Lubricated
    MRC Global is a leading distributor of plug valves to the energy and industrial markets. Plug valves are named for the cone-shaped, plug-like device that controls the flow of fluid through the valve. Rotating the handle a quarter turn or turning the handwheel on the gearbox starts or stops the flow of fluid by introducing the through bore or solid portion of the plug. The plug valve is ideal for gas transmission, gas utility and chemical applications, and is offered and stocked in elastomeric lined or full metal construction.
  • Non-lubricated
  • HF Acid
  • Plastic Lined
Check Valves:
  • API6A / API6D
    A check valve design only allows fluid to flow one direction. It is generally used in conjunction with other types of valves and will close automatically when line pressure is lost, thus it has no handle to turn on and off. This feature makes check valves ideal for preventing plant and equipment damage caused by excess backflow, a necessity across all streams of the energy industry. Check valves are stocked in several body configurations and materials.
  • Lift Check
  • Piston Check
  • Swing Check
  • Wafer Check
  • Y Pattern Check
Multi-Turn Valves:
  • Gate
    Multi-Turn valves are opened and closed by turning a wheel more than 360 degrees. Two primary examples of this type of valve are the gate valve and globe valve. To open and close the gate valve, multiple turns of the handle are required to turn an acme threaded nut on the threaded shaft of the valve causing it to open or close by raising or lowering the gate. These valves operate in one of two positions, open or closed, and are not recommended for throttling. The globe valve, on the other hand, opens and closes incrementally and is used to modulate flow levels, pressures, or temperatures. Both the gate valve and globe valve are commonly used in downstream applications. MRC Global maintains large inventories of gate valves and globe valves in materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys to serve the needs of the refining, petrochemical, chemical and process industries.
  • Globe
Specialty Valves:
  • Bellow seal
    MRC Global offers a wide variety of specialty valves capable of handling the most severe services: cryogenic, superheated steam, volatile and corrosive fluids, erosion, high pressure drops, vibration, cavitation, flashing and other abrasive services. Diaphragm valves, needle valves, knife gate valves, pinch valves, cryogenic valves and many others are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and specialty alloys. Need additional information about MRC Global’s specialty valve offering? Please use the contact us form and one of our technically trained employees will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • Control
  • Cryogenic
  • Diaphragm
  • HF Acid
  • Knife Gate
  • Needle
  • Pinch
  • Pressure Seal
Subsea Valves:
  • Ball
    The subsea environment is one of the toughest that a valve can face. Subsea valves must be completely reliable while often exposed to corrosive and hazardous fluids and high pressures. MRC Global provides a wide range of subsea valves specifically designed to meet these challenges. MRC Global stocks an extensive and broad inventory of subsea ball valves, gate valves, choke valves and check valves manufactured by the world’s top manufacturers.
  • Gate
  • Choke

Product, suppliers, manufacturers and services vary by region. For more information, contact an MRC Global location in your region.