Our SERVICE Department was established in 2008 to complement the delivery of spring supports. We perform preventive maintenance and on site surveys on installed spring supports. Our personnel have extensive offshore experience with all the necessary training and certifications. We have Carpenter & Paterson’s certified personnel, authorized to perform the inspections. Having our own service crew and rope access team according to SOFT standard gives us high flexibility regarding planning and reduces the number of crew needed for the job. If needed, we give estimates for job- packages together with our partners performing the ISO disciplines. By doing it this way, we can provide everything necessary to get the job done. All reports including pictures will be presented in the format preferred by the customer and will be available through customer logon at our web page.

Spring Support

MRC Global Norway - Piping Division has through our long relationship with Carpenter & Paterson Ltd in UK, built substantial expertise in pipe support equipment. Carpenter & Paterson Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Spring Supports, and has supplied over 90% of all spring supports in the North Sea area. Their high quality, flexible designs, and good customer service have made them a leading manufacturer in the field. MRC Global Norway - Piping Division is agent and representative for Carpenter & Paterson Ltd. in the Norwegian offshore and onshore market.

“Witch Hanger” MRC Global Norway - Piping Division has a close cooperation with Carpenter & Paterson Engineering department, which is staffed with experienced engineers who are able to design the pipe support system and, if necessary, carry out stress analysis. Carpenter & Paterson Ltd have developed their own Graphical Pipe Support Design Program, called “WitchHanger”, this is available free of charge upon request to MRC Global Norway - Piping Division.