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Valve diagnosis is part of condition-based maintenance. By implementing monitoring equipment (online or portable diagnosis) valuable information on valve condition can be gained, along with the ability to quickly implement the necessary measures to ensure ongoing operation and reduce unexpected downtime.

This valuable information can also provide answers to problems, corrective measures to be implemented to ensure ongoing production or to increase safety for critical on/off valves. Active valve diagnosis is a specific and effective way of verifying and validation the condition of regulation and safety-critical valves.

Valve diagnosis combined with MRC Global’s unique experience and skills for the implementation of corrective measures is a great combination for achieving foreseeable and efficient valve operation.

FieldVue/AMS Valvelink

Fieldvue is Emerson’s family of smart digital field instruments. It is the world’s best-selling digital valve setter – over 1 million products sold. The family includes the following:

  • DLC 3000 Digital Level Controller for level measurement, based on the buoyancy principle.
  • DVC 2000 Digital Valve Controller for NAMUR actuators and other small actuators. With ”non-contact feedback” on position feedback, and has integrated position transmitter and end switch functions. DVC 2000 is available with different levels of diagnosis – from auto-calibration only to full diagnosis with the option of diagnosis during valve operation. HART version.
  • DVC 6000/6200 Digital Valve Controller for all types of actuators. This is the best-selling valve controller in Norway. It comes in different versions and materials, and can be adapted to most actuators. DVC 6000 is available with different levels of diagnosis – from auto-calibration to full diagnosis with the option of diagnosis during valve operation. HART or FF (Foundation Fieldbus) versions.
  • DVC 6000 SIS Digital Valve Controller for Safety Instrumented Systems. This variant of DVC is ideal for use in safety systems up to SIL 3, and can be used for safety function. DVC 6000 SIS can be fitted to most actuators and facilitates Partial Stroke Test (PST), enabling diagnosis of the valve without having to take it out of operation. Partial stroking can be started manually or automatically after a given time interval. HART version.

Emerson also supplies wireless interface to allow diagnosis of valves when other forms of position indication and diagnosis are difficult. AMS and Valvelink program is used to diagnose valves, transmitters etc. and comes in a range of sizes from 5 to 5000 TAG. All configurations, tests, etc. are stored to be able to document condition over time, or the 475 Fieldcommunicator can be used for individual diagnoses.

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Portable Test Equipment

The Spider8 is our preferred portable diagnosis tool, and can be quickly and easily transported in the field for testing all types of valves. It can log multiple channels simultaneously, and for valve diagnosis, strain gauges, pressure sensors and potentiometers are primarily used. This tool can be used to verify functionality, localise fault sources and document the diagnosis. Examples of what our customers use this service for include factory testing (FAT), commissioning, auditing and onshore/offshore operations problems.

Diagnostic Center

Operations room for integrated operations with optional remote connection and testing valves on any installation. Also used for videoconferencing etc.

Product, suppliers, manufacturers and services vary by region. For more information, contact an MRC Global location in your region.