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Elfab Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of rupture discs for pressure-relief in process systems. Elfab was founded in the UK in 1936 and supplies system solutions within pressure-relief for aerospace, land-based industry and offshore. Common for all their product applications is the need to control and utilize process pressure in plant, which is where we come in to the picture.

Our solutions range from mass-produced discs with high volume to advanced discs combined with pressure-sensing technology, high quality machining and welding techniques. Elfab’s designs are based on the latest within 3D CAD systems and we customize solutions whenever necessary.

In addition to standard testing to normal industry standards, Elfab is the only manufacturer of rupture discs to possess a Lloyds Registered Cycle Testing Rig. This enables us to develop Life Cycle test programs for precise data on product lifecycles.

Based on our advanced production methods, we are able to back our products with a range of benefits:

We manufacture all our products with 0 non-conformities from set pressure (MDR). This degree of precision is all included in the price of our products. Elfab produces the highest industrial standard with regard to degree of tolerance for set point. Our tolerance is 3%, whilst the normal standard is 5% or more. This means higher process pressure with the same set point for the disc, and thus a greater safety margin.

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