MRC Global Norway AS, Instrumentation Division is Norway's leading supplier and stock holder of Instrument Tube Fittings, Tubing, Valves, Manifolds, Actuators and related accessories. Instrumentation Division represents high-quality products and best-in-class manufacturers. Because of our focus on high quality at all levels, especially within our product segment, Instrumentation Division holds many long term frame agreement contracts with the main key players operating in the Norwegian offshore sector.

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Analyzers (Analyse)

We can offer a wide range of liquid analyzers for pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity and O2. A good solution is based on knowledge on the product as well as knowledge on the application where the products are going to be used.

In the end it is the total cost for a solution that is important. The price for the product is small comparted to the total cost for the product during the complete life cycle. This cost is related to performance, installation, commissioning, maintenance, service etc.

Choosing the correct product for the specific application might reduce the total cost of ownership significantly.

Challenge us.

Liquid Analyzers:
  • pH/ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Gas Analyzers:
  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Infra-Red Analyzers
  • Process Gas Chromatographs
  • Gas Denisty Meters
  • TruePeak tunable diode laser (TDL)

Level (Nivå)

MRC Global Norway AS has a wide selection of level transmitters, indicators and switches for liquid and solid applications.

We collaborate with some of the world leading suppliers in the field. This in combination with a wide range of measuring technologies, we can supply robust and accurate measurement solutions for your application.

MRC Global Level

Industrial transmitters and switches for level measurement in liquids and solids. Easy setup of sensors with the E-view software or local display. Solutions for level measurement in Marine, plastics, food & beverage, chemical, energy production and water/wastewater industries.


UWT GmbH is a supplier of level transmitters and switches for solid and liquid applications. They are specialized on reliable, maintenance free level switches for solids applications.

Gems Sensors & Controls

Gems offer a broad range of contact, non-contact, and non-intrusive liquid level sensors and switches. These are available in multiple technology types, including magnetic reed switch based floats, solid-state electro-optical, conductivity, capacitive, ultrasonic and piezo-resonant.


Sika supplies measurement, control and calibration technology for flow, level, temperature, pressure and force. For level detection they supply ultrasonic transmitters and float based transmitters and switches.

BD Sensors

BD-sensors manufactures pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters and represents pressure measurements at the highest level. Short delivery times and high-quality products at the right price are keywords for BD-Sensors.


Supplier of high quality and high accuracy pressure transmitters with a premium long term stability. The unique measuring principle DP-HARP has benefits compared to the traditional ways of measuring pressure.

Visit Supplier Websites Below for More Level Information:

Level Measurement - Liquids:

Level Switch - Liquids:

Level Measurement - Solids:

Level Switch - Solids:

Visualization and Data Logging

We supply solutions for data logging, inventory management and HMI systems fit for your application. Contact us for references and more information.

MRC Global Level

Temperature (Temperatur)

MRC Global Norway AS, Instrumentation division has years of experience in the field of temperature measurements. Located in Skotselv we have for many years developed products and expertise for our in-house manufacturing of temperature sensors, both standard and custom sensors.

We have a broad range of temperature measurement products and in-house manufacturing facility for temperature sensors and thermowells for measuring in the range of -200°C to +2000°C.

Our skilled workers with up to 30 years of experience and flexible production planning ensures fast lead times even on custom sensors.

MRC Global Regulators

Fiber optic transformer monitoring

Reliable, accurate Fiber Optic monitors quickly detect and respond to hot spot conditions, triggering alarms and relays to protect your most valuable assets. It is immune to High Voltage, RFI, EMI and transformer oil or SF6 gas, dynamic measurement system.

LumaSense Technologies

LumaSense Fiber Optical Temperature product lines have set the standard in the energy, research and medical industries. Based on Fluoroptic and Gallium Arsenide material technologies, each individual product can be configured for a specific application starting from basic electronic instruments or OEM modules to complete turn-key systems.

MRC Global Temperature
Infrared Thermometers (Pyrometers)

Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology. For example, it is used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to ensure a consistent quality level.

LumaSense Technologies

With a huge pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, LumaSense Technologies provides solutions for nearly every application request.


MRC Global Norway AS supplies RTD from our in-house production. We have a wide range of RTD's for measurements in the range of -200°C to +600°C.

MRC Global RTD pdf

MRC Global Regulators

MRC Global Norway AS supplies thermocouples from our in-house production. We have a wide range of TC's for measurements in the range of -200°C to +2000°C.

MRC Global Thermocouples pdf

MRC Global Regulators
Thermal Imagers

IR thermocameras for industrial use for control of bearings, electronics, generators and more.

Possibilities for automatic temperature control. Measuring 24/7 with possibilities for alarms, when changes in temperature areas. Remote monitoring of several critical spots to control center.

LumaSense Inc.

LumaSense thermal imaging cameras and systems accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology. These high-tech Instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects.

Thermal imaging cameras perform an essential control function in major manufacturing industries. By monitoring the temperature, users can control entire factory production processes as well as ensure highest quality standards.

MRC Global Regulators

MRC Global Norway AS supplies thermowell from our in-house production. We supply standard and custom termowell's for a broad range of applications.

MRC Global Thermowells pdf

MRC Global Regulators

MRC Global Norway AS can supply a wide range of thermometers to almost any application and have years of experience. The thermometers is divided into 3 main groups:

  • Industrial thermometer
  • Gas filled thermometer
  • Bimetallic thermometer - ARMATURENBAU GmbH katalog (.pdf 202kB)
  • Bimetallic thermometer - Rototherm Group katalog (.pdf 732 kB)
MRC Global Regulators

MRC Global Norway AS can supply a wide range of transmitters that can be used for many different unique applications.


Since 1974 PR-electronics has produced and developed signal conditioning units for the process and factory automation industry. PR-electronics are known for outstanding quality – high, long-term signal accuracy and reliability in all environments. All devices are individually validated to exceed the most demanding failure rate assessments and are backed by comprehensive technical documentation and a 5-year warranty.


Yokogawa supplies Field-mounted temperature transmitters that are designed with a dual compartment housing, local Setting Function and many other features. Supplied with communication protocol such as HART or Fieldbus.

MRC Global Regulators

MRC Global Norway AS can supply a wide range of heaters that can be customized for many different unique applications. We can supply heaters for a broad range of industries and has years of experience.


Watlow offers a wide range of high-performance heater products. Watlow supplyes products that can be ordered as standard units or customized units for almost any application. Watlow supplies products for various industries.


GC-heat is the specialist for electrical heating elements. Since over 65 years GC-heat has been developing and producing heating elements for various industrial applications. GC-heat offers a wide range of customer specified heating elements.

Pressure (Trykk)

MRC Global has a long tradition of manufacturing pressure gauges in Norway. Since 1903 when the company AS Clausen, Kaldager & co was founded, we have manufactured pressure gauges for offshore, marine and on-shore industry.

The company has changed brand several times in the past, but we have with proud kept the company logo from the early days on all of our pressure gauges. All our pressure gauges has still got the C&K-logo on the dial. We are the sole manufacturer in Norway of pressure gauges, and our high qualified staff are able to offer you tailor-made solutions and products to a compatible price in a short time. Naturally, we stock a wide range of standard products as well. Additionally to our own production we represent several of the world leading manufacturer and suppliers of pressure transmitters, pressure switches, differential pressure transmitters and differential pressure gauges.

With more than 100 years of experience we are your first choice for all pressure products.

Special executions of our pressure gauges are available on request.

We also are able to supply the instrument with chemical seal for use with different type media or viscous media.

Pressure Handbook from Yokogawa – A Basic Guide to Understanding Pressure Download (.pdf 6,48 MB)

MRC Global Regulators


Indicating pressure transmitter type IT

Indicating pressure transmitter type IT is a combination of a manometer and a pressure transmitter. It gives out a 4-20 mA signal additional to the mechanical reading. Benefits of this instrument is only one mechanical connection point.

Measuring principles are independently, so that if one fails, the other system is still intact. Measuring ranges from 0-0.6 bar to 0-40 bar.

MRC Global Pressure Gauges
Industrial pressure gauge type IM

Industrial pressure gauge type IM is a good choice for general use. The instrument is very robust and available in 6 different sizes (Ø40 mm, Ø63 mm, ø80 mm, Ø100 mm, ø160 mm and ø 250 mm diameter).

The most commonly used sizes are Ø100 mm and Ø63 mm. Most industrial pressure gauges are available with different solutions. Pressure ranges go from 0-25 mbar up to and including 0-4000 bar.

Also available for vacuum area.

MRC Global Pressure Gauges
Safety pattern pressure gauge type SM

Safety pattern pressure gauge type SM is a manometer especially designed for offshore use with high safety demands for instrumentation. The main difference between an industrial pressure gauge and a safety pattern pressure gauge is an entire wall between the sensor element and the front of the pressure gauge, and that the rear back wall of the instrument is a separate part that will loosen if a powerful overpressure should occur in the process. Along with a laminated front glass operators are safeguarded.

Safety pattern pressure gauges are available in Ø63 mm and Ø100 mm diameter and pressure ranges from 0-25 mbar to 0-4000 bar.

Also available for vacuum area.

MRC Global Pressure Gauges
Subsea pressure gauge type SS

Subsea pressure gauge type SS is specially designed for permanent use under water. It has a reinforced fiberglass polyester casing, and comes with a anti-reflex front glass which makes it possible to lighten it up on high depths without getting reflex from the glass.

The instrument is pressure compensated for use on high depths. Pressure ranges from 0-0,6 bar up to 0-4000 bar.

MRC Global Pressure Gauges

SOR Controls Group Ltd. (SCG) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of measurement and control devices under the brands of SOR Inc. SOR Controls Group serves all sectors of the process industry with particular strengths in the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and power segments. SCG also maintains an engineering and design team capable of providing engineered-to-order systems and products when required.

The exact instrument you need delivered when you need it. It’s what SOR® has built its reputation on since 1946. SOR has enjoyed the distinction of meeting the challenges of the measurement and control industry for many years. SOR provide the most reliable electronic and electromechanical pressure, level, temperature and flow instruments available in weatherproof, hermetically sealed or explosion proof models.

MRC Global Pressure Gauges

MRC Global Pressure Gauges
Pressure transmitters

BD-Sensors manufactures pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters and represents pressure measurements at the highest level.

Measurement ranges available from 0-0,1 mbar up to 0-6000 bar.

For more than 20 years, BD-Sensors have manufactured OEM-products as well as high-end products and special solutions for customers, onshore and offshore/shipping.

Short delivery times and high-quality products at the right price are keywords for BD-Sensors.

Flow (Mengde)

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Product, suppliers, manufacturers and services vary by region. For more information, contact an MRC Global location in your region.