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Control Systems for Ballast & Mud Mix Systems

MRC Global supplies power and communication and test systems, electric supply units, electrical control systems for the offshore, onshore and marine marked. We perform design, engineering, procurement, assembly, testing and commissioning.

Electro Systems

To serve the subsea industry, our redundant power and communication system feeds all subsea control modules with electric power and network. In addition, we build test equipment to simulate all modules in the subsea system before it is put into use. MRC Global also offers services to help your operation run as smoothly and safely as possible when it counts the most. We perform design, engineering, procurement, assembly, testing and commissioning.
Selection of products:

SPCU: Subsea Power & Communication Unit

SPCU200 feeds redundant electric power and communication signals to all Subsea Control Modules (SCMs) via the Electric Junction Box (EJB), Optical Junction Box (OJB) and Umbilical Electric power for each system is supplied from Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

SPCTU: Subsea Power & Communication Test Unit

The SPCTU is a transportable test unit with one Topside Electronic Module (TEM) supporting power lines, fiber and Ethernet communication to the Control Modules with SEM600 electronics. The SPCTU may also be used to communicate with Subsea control modulesThe SPCTU is used for testing a control module, where the SPCTU and the SmartTool simulates the SPCU and the SCU. The SPCTU receives its electric power from any acceptable source, and supplies the control module with electric power. Communication with the control module is via power lines, Ethernet and/or via fiber lines.

SDPU: Subsea Data Processing Unit

The SDPU is a 19" rack based server cabinet housing designated servers containing developed software and third party service software. The SDPU is of an open architecture design and acts as the SPCU system network backbone. It allows access to subsea and upside networks through firewall from the individual service computers using TCP/IP based communications. Data to and from networks outside of the cabinet (e.g. SPCU) are distributed via routers and switches within the cabinet. It is designed as a two system network of system A and system B (A/B) with redundant hardware including routers/switches. This is to create redundancy of communication for networks and eliminate a single point of failure.

PSEMS: Portable Subsea Electronic Module Simulator

The PSEMS is a test unit capable of simulate one Subsea Control Module (SCM) (equal to two Subsea Electronic Modules (SEM)). The PSEMS include interface to the Sensor Simulator (SESI). The PSEMS is used for testing the Subsea Control Unit (SCU) and the Subsea Power, and Communication Unit (SPCU200e) during system test of Subsea Control Systems. The PSEMS is configured from the Smart Tool, which is connected to the Topside Electronic Module (TEM200e) in the SPCU.

SESI: Sensor Simulator

The SENSOR SIMULATOR Cabinet (SESI Cabinet) consists of a cabinet with Sensor Simulator boards tailored to the specific project. It is used to test the external sensor interface of the Subsea Control Module on FAT, EFAT and later for service.

XTCC: Xmas Tree Control System

The XTCCM is a modularized system for Subsea Power and Communication with a server rack for HMI functions, Smart Tool, database and WIS server functions. The modularized system shall be prepared for redundant power and communication for subsea control modules with KS200E Long speed electronics.

EPU: Electrical Power Unit

The EPU provides a controlled, monitored, electrically isolated and stable dual redundant power supply to the power distribution networks of the subsea control system.

EJB / OJB: Electric & Optic Junction Box

MRC Global provides Subsea customer with both Electric Junction box and Optic junction box. These Junction boxes operates in hazardous conditions and are supplied with proper certifications for given environments.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control Systems

MRC Global (E&P) specializes in engineering, design and completion of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Injection and Gas boosting systems. We assemble and test Actuator and Position Indicator Switches. Our highly skilled design and engineering personnel can provide all sort of tailor made solutions to suit customers’ needs.
Products / Systems:

WHCP: Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panels

The WHCP provides safe control and monitoring (sensors) of the topside wellhead x-mas tree actuation. The systems will be customized to fit the numbers of well, numbers of functions per well, pressure levels, functionality, safety integrity level (SIL) etc. Our systems is compact and are of smart design solution in order to optimize manufacturing and give our customers best access for maintenance and inspections. Valve components are fixed on a manifold to allow for quick removal and replacement when servicing the panel. MRC Global are able to offer a complete topside package for well control including, HPU, WHCP, umbilical or multi-tube, local control panels (LPC) etc.

HPU: Hydraulic Power Unit

The main functionality of an HPU is to store (accumulation) and generate (pumps) hydraulic pressure at a various pressure levels and flow rates. The hydraulic pressure will be monitored with sensors to allow automatic and manual operation of the unit. A filtration unit will secure clean hydraulic fluid to all the connected consumers. Our HPU’s are used for many different purpose such as; subsea-, topside-, test-, flushing-, drilling- and ballast- hydraulic power generation. Our HPU’s fulfill the Machinery Directive 3006/42/EC and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and are in many cases customized to fulfill customers requirement regarding size, weight, pressure, material selection, flow rates, accumulation, filtration etc.

X-mas Tree Instrumentation

MRC Global is market leading within instrumentation of x-mas tree. Pressure and temperature instruments provides remote monitoring of each well and are installed on the tree with required valves and tubing. The instrumentation are delivered in all exotic materials and pressure levels. MRC Global offers solutions where the x-mas tree is pre-fabricated onshore to save time and get the installation time offshore as efficient as practically possible.

Riser Tensioner System

A Riser Tensioner is a device used on an offshore drilling vessel which provides a near constant upward force on the drilling riser independent of the movement of the floating drill vessel. MRC Global supply a number of various control system used in this complex system such as: Air Control Skid, Increase/Decrease panel, Main Air control panel, APV panel, Draw work interface panel, PT panel, Pressure regulating panel, Guide/POD, Mux panel, etc.

Sampling Stations

Stations/ Panels for manual sample in bottle and/or inline samples with gas, condensate, chemical or oil. Our panels are designed and developed for safe operation within all aspects of HSE requirement which are relevant for this product. Also a separator can be included where the mixture is of liquid and gaseous consistency.

Hydraulic / Pneumatic Control Panels

Various control panels (LCP) are delivered for pneumatic or hydraulic on/off actuated valves. The system are provided with sensors and local indicators as required. If required we also deliver LCPs with local accumulation.

Instrument Enclosures

Supplier of Intertec enclosures and manufacturing of complete instrumented solutions. MRC Global supplies many different configurations with, hosing, insulated, heating/cooling, anti-static and fire safe, all based on customers needs.

Chemical Injection System

MRC Global is a manufacturer of Chemical Injection Units (CIU) which allow for various fluids and chemicals to be injected into the main production or into the wells in a controlled manner by monitoring and adjust the flow rate. This can be done manually and/ or remotely. We design systems for direct injection or distributed injection. Chemical distribution panels are designed to distribute and control of each injection point. Depending on the accuracy the panel can be delivered with various flow measurement e.g. Coriolis, positive displacement etc. Pump skid are designed to pressurize the fluids and chemicals at required pressure and stabilized conditions with a fixed pump (e.g. API 674) or volume controlled pump (e.g. API 675). /p>

Utility Stations

MRC Global is doing design and manufacturing and testing of Utility stations based on customers’ needs, and have typically provision for HP hot water, Fresh water, Plant Air, Nitrogen.

Subsea Valves & ROV Panel

Various type of subsea panels designed to be operated by ROV. We assemble, flushing and pressure testing subsea valves for ROV operated control panels.

Onshore Instrumentation: Flow Control Panels & Level & Flow Measurement Systems

MRC Global delivers Flow Control Panels for Gas Odorization, which adds a strong smelling substance to odorless gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen among others. MRC Global also delivers Level- and Flow Measurement Systems for Storage Tanks and Pipelines with either simple digital displays or with more complex PLC systems. We also perform installation, maintenance and service of this systems

Control Systems:
  • MCC & PLS Systems
  • Mud Mix
  • Screen-based Cargo & Ballast

Product, suppliers, manufacturers and services vary by region. For more information, contact an MRC Global location in your region.