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Pressure Gauges

Range & Features:
  • Diameter 50 to 100mm
  • BSP male ends
  • Temperature + 0°C to + 60°C
  • Max Pressure from -1 to 600 Bars
  • Material all Stainless steel, Stainless steel/brass or plastic
  • With or without glycerin
  • Accessories membrane separators, coil ciphon, valves
  • Also available as digital
MRC Global Instrumentation

**Temperature Gauges**




Limit Switches:
  • Mechanical
    A limit switch is a valve automation accessory. They can be used with various types of actuators to remotely identify whether a valve is open or closed. The limit switch is mounted on the actuator and communicates electronically with the facility’s process control system. Limit switches can help identify problems in the valve automation system before potentially dangerous and costly accidents occur.
  • Proximity Type
  • Digital
    Positioners are a valve automation accessory designed to control the position of the valve. Positioners allow the operator to remotely open or close an automated valve by varying degrees using either a pneumatic or electrical signal. This accessory is commonly used in all flow control applications but is especially applicable for situations where precise control over the varying degree of fluid that should be allowed through a valve at one time.
  • Electro-Pneumatic
  • Pneumatic
Network Capabilities:
  • AS-i
    MRC Global offers many networking solutions for our customers’ flow control needs. These networking systems allow the connection of multiple control valves on one loop so that the operator can communicate instructions to an entire chain of automated valves instead of on a point-to-point basis. This process can create significant cost savings during the installation process and allows for increased functionality. Networks of this type are predominantly used in downstream applications, where there are multiple automated valves in a relatively small geographic area.
  • DeviceNet™
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus™
  • HART®
  • Modbus®
  • Pakscan®
  • Profibus®
Pressure Gauges
Level Gauges
Flow Meters

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