Carbon Steel Fittings & Flanges

FT Graff

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Demand for carbon steel weld fittings and flanges will be strong through 2014, due primarily to North American shale activity and a significant uptick in both domestic and international downstream project business. Deliveries for US domestic material should remain at stock to 12 weeks, while lead-times for internationally produced material should continue in the 3 to 7 months range. Pricing for both domestic and international carbon steel fittings and flanges will remain steady with the possibility of a 5% increase by year's end. Raw material costs remain stable with no clear indications of significant increases in 2014. Overall, the carbon steel weld fitting and flange market will remain stable through 2014.

The high yield fitting and flange market in North America is expected to remain strong through 2014. Pipeline transportation projects associated with domestic oil, gas and natural gas liquids production continue to drive major pipeline and processing infrastructure projects. Lead times are anticipated in the 6 to 12 week range for specials. MRC Global intends to maintain significant inventories of commonly sourced sizes and shapes. Pricing should remain relatively flat, but could see as much as a 5% increase due to growing demand in the second half of 2014.

Price expectations for forged carbon steel pressure fittings, o-lets and pipe nipples remain flat. MRC Global will maintain significant inventories to satisfy demand for both approved and non-approved material.



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