MRC Global’s Capital Project Execution Delivers for the Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline

It was a cool July day down under this year when Garry Burgess, MRC Global’s Midstream & Technical Director, QHSE, got the phone call saying the last length of a high alloy specialty pipe order had been delivered safely to his customer.


Just another day at the office.


Except, this particular order was 33,190 lengths of pipe for Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline, which is to be constructed between the towns of Tennant Creek in Australia’s Northern Territory and Mt Isa in the neighboring state of Queensland, Australia. The majority of the pipe had been DN300 x 6.4mm API 5L X70 PSL2 with about 5% of the total being 7.9mm “heavy wall” material. The pipe and induction bends were DFBE coated then lined with thin film liquid epoxy, and 1,648 meters of pipe has an additional concrete weight coating applied.


That final phone call was the capstone of two years’ worth of dedicated work for Garry and his MRC Global midstream projects team.


Every single length of pipe had been delivered to the customer’s specification within the contracted timeframe. It was a complete success.


MRC Global Jemena

MRC Global delivers Jemena Pipeline order to Tennant Creek staging site.

MRC Global Jemena

TOP LEFT: A final photo of the PCK production, MRC Global and SGS inspection teams in front of the PCK production office.
RIGHT (L-R): Cathy Xu, Andrew Wilson (MRC Global) and Allen Mao pose with the first piece of coated pipe produced for the Jemena pipeline project at the Panyu Chu Kong Pipe Ltd (PCK) plant in Lianyungang, China.


“This was the largest single order that MRC Global has ever undertaken in Australia,” Lee Wilson, MRC Global Regional Managing Director – Asia Pacific, said. “I’m extremely proud of the work our team did.”


“The magnitude of what our team accomplished for our customer was truly a testament to our capabilities,” Damien Wilson, Managing Director – Australia, added. “The order was delivered on-time, to customer specifications and without any lost time safety incidents, which is our commitment on every order, no matter how large or complex.”


Together with Panyu Chu Kong Pipe Ltd (PCK) and Qube Energy Logistics, MRC Global devised and executed a thoroughly designed plan to produce the pipe at PCK’s mill in Lianyungang, China and then transport it in four shipments to Darwin, Australia where it traveled by rail to the laydown area at Tennant Creek, a journey of some 6,360 km (3,952 miles).


MRC Global Jemena

LEFT: Bare pipe is cut by the flying saw at the PCK Lianyungang production office.
TOP RIGHT: Coated pipe is inspected. Production continues for nearly a year under constant MRC Global supervision.
BOTTOM RIGHT: The first ship being loaded to leave Lianyungang on 29 September, 2016 with 8,538 pieces of pipe aboard.


During the 358 days of production, at least one member of the MRC Global midstream projects team was present at PCK, overseeing the manufacturing, laboratory testing, production scheduling, logistics interface and all technical and commercial matters. In the end, the team was able to arrange for longer average pipe lengths, which can significantly reduce construction time and costs for the project overall.


“We have a really strong relationship with PCK,” Andrew Wilson, Manager Midstream & Pipeline Projects, explained. “This was a challenge because it called for high specification pipe with special requirements, but they responded very well technically. We were on hand to be sure the quality and production standards were in line with our exceptionally high standards while staying on schedule.”


The first coated pipe rolled out of the mill on June 16, 2016, and for the remainder of the year pipe rolling continued until the first ship was ready to leave Lianyungang on September 29, 2016 with 8,538 pieces of pipe aboard. It arrived in Darwin 12 days later.


Each week, 1,068 pipes were loaded onto rail wagons and transported to Tennant Creek for laydown. All told, it took about nine weeks from the berthing of the first ship to the delivery of the last pipe from that ship into Tennant Creek. Just in time for a second ship to arrive.


MRC Global Jemena

TOP LEFT: Port Darwin, out of the stockyard and on to the train for the long journey to Tennant Creek.
TOP RIGHT: Port Darwin, off the ship, and into temporary stockyard.
BOTTOM: The complete order of pipe staged at the Tennant Creek site. The grey pipe is 3M FBE, the black pipe is Valspar Pipeclad 2000. The site is one of the largest pipe stockyards of any project thus far in Australia.


Over the course the next eight months, three more shipments of pipe were manufactured, shipped and transported to site.


“I’m very proud of the way we worked together as a team, overcame issues and were extremely transparent with our customer,” Garry said. “Looking back, I’m proud, and a little humbled, to have delivered on this massive project.”


Congratulations to the team: Garry Burgess, Andrew Wilson, Marshall Watson, Director – Business Development, Alex Klimson, Quality Engineer – Pipe & Fittings, and James Connelly, Inside Sales, and all of MRC Global in Australia on this significant achievement.


One thing is clear, from the pre-planning to the final execution and documentation, MRC Global has the team to make your capital project run smoothly.


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MRC Global Jemena