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Around the Bend - Segmentable vs. Piggable Fittings

By Dane Toone, Supply Chain Management Manager,
October 25, 2016 Tags: Fitting, Segmentable, Piggable, Elbows

Our industry has come a long way since the first wooden pipeline was built in 1862, which, at the time, was an upgrade from transporting oil in repurposed whiskey barrels and moved by horse drawn wagons. Advances in technology and best practice are necessary for our industry to operate more efficiently and safely.

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How to Properly Size an Actuator

By Carlos Gamero, Engineering Manager,
September 13, 2016 Tags: Valve Automation, Actuation Sizing, Maximum Supply Pressure, Minimum Supply Pressure

Understanding Minimum and Maximum Supply Pressure

A common misconception in our industry is that actuating a valve is as simple as putting the most cost efficient actuator on top of your valve of choice, but the process is actually much more complicated than that. Selecting the correct actuator for the size and purpose of the valve is key but it’s only the first step.

If the actuator isn’t sized by a knowledgeable and technically trained expert, the results can be disastrous and/or expensive.

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How a Valve Condition Monitoring System Can Protect your People and Preserve your Production Time

By Tore Juvik, Department Manager - Valve Technology MRC Solberg & Andersen,
August 16, 2016 Tags: Valvewatch, Valve Monitoring

In my 28 years in and around the offshore energy environment, I've learned how important a properly functioning valve network is to the safety and operational security of an offshore platform.

Experience shows the best way to efficiently and safely assess the viability of the vital emergency shut off valves is with a condition monitoring system.

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